Dear Prof Ashok Sir,

I would like to express my sincere appreciation for the monthly meets of ISA Delhi branch.

I have observed over many months that the various institutes that have conducted this meet have come up with innovations in many different ways. These include presenting a wide variety of topics, techniques and cases, including interesting cases with surgical problems where our anesthetic role is not direct (but is still crucial to the outcome), then about issues relating to dealing with patients (other than the anesthetic management itself), discussion of diseases where critical care has a major role, emergency response systems, unusual and rare techniques, critical care management, new technology, and even innovations in holding the attention of the audience, awarding prizes for different activities like questions asked and remembering details from the presentations, and much more. Hence, in every single meet there is something new to learn.

I express my sincere gratitude to the different departments that take so many pains and make such a big effort to make these meets a success.

I would therefore strongly recommend to all our friends to attend these meets regularly.


Dr Arun K Mehra